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04.28.2014 , 11:12 AM | #1
I met another bounty hunter on Belsavis the other day, and I noticed he had an armour with an actual working jetpack. With working jetpack I mean that the flame jet actually comes out of the jetpack exausts rather than under his feet during jetpack moves (death from above, rocket boost and maybe some more powertech specific abilities, Im a merc myself)

The armour he used was the purple chestplate you get from the Oricon quests (the one with lvl 53 purple mods in it).
ofc the first thing I did afterwards was change my own BH outfit to incorporate that armour. luckily I had it hoarded away in my vault still.

However, the armour itself is not perfect. imo the shoulderplates are a bit small and the arms are not covered with plate.

So my question: does anyone know if any more armours exist with an actual working jetpack? Adaptive armours only ofc, no one cares about green crap. I would love to compile a list about this, I cant be the only bounty hunter out there that wants this.

and a note to the bounty hunter dev: please please make all the armours that incorporate a jetpack into the design fire the flame jet from the jetpack exausts rather than under the feet like the other classes have it.