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04.14.2013 , 06:24 AM | #5
There seems to be a bug at least in the Dromund Kaas count. Can't say about the others as I haven't gotten to these yet.

The first one you find when you get the macrobinoculars, is counted every time you find it on a different character. I had 2/6 found after finding only the first one on two different characters, while I still have 5 more to find if there are actually 6 different ones. So will I then have 7/6 or 12/6 if I find them all 6 on both characters?

EDIT: Since you get 1 from the Shroud quest , could it be that the one in the quest is one randomly selected from the six existing ones? I've got a ****** memory so can't tell for sure if I found the same one as the first on each of the two toons when doing the Shroud quest, but I just kinda automatically assumed the quest would be the same for each of your characters. Then again, the counter now says 5/6

E) Dromund Kaas (suspected 5th)