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Something to go along with this idea is since this is a legends game. You have the Revan book which brings out Scourge having the vision of the JK character killing Vitiate. So I agree that there is not a set canon for somethings but in my mind this implies that the JK is the class that is the Outlander/Commander.
It is, if you play JK. As noted above by Eranis, if you play some other class, it's fairly obvious that the JK wasn't "the One" that Scourge saw, i.e. that Scourge was wrong about the identity of the person who ended the Emperor in the vision. He saw *someone*, but that someone was Kylarina Lyuze, Jedi Shadow, or Jintalie Tark, Mercenary, and not a Jedi Knight.

(Er, that is, to put it in Voss terms, the *mystic* had a vision that was infallible, but the *interpreter* was incorrect.)
Not really what you think.
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