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Your logic hinges on Baras > Nox, which is a stretch at best. The only thing we see Wrath tanking is lightsaber and lightning (and rather wussy lightning at that). Nox has better tricks that Wrath probably has never seen or even heard of.

And it really doesn't say much for the Wrath either that he had to wait for Baras to exhaust himself. Nox was able to tank Thanaton's attacks (which were far more impressive than Baras') and utterly crush him
That is because according to the dialogue his powers where on the end at that point about the lighting I mean. Then there is the dude that can not die I mean the wrath trown him in an engine reactor and the dude survived. So what did Wrath did next time he cut his freaking head. Pretty experience will tell Wrath to do the same to Nox it known that this guy has an for of immortality so Wrath knows what to do against such people.
My question what does Nox know about Wrath to exploit because Wrath never lost unlike Nox. Hard to find an weakness to someone who never you know showed one.