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Combat styles, okay.
No, the class story, or rather Origin stories themselves have no bearing on Combat Styles in needing to advance or complete them for anything. The announced restrictions are simple; the Tech combat styles (Sniper, Commando, Vanguard, Mercenary, Powertech, Scoundrel, Gunslinger and Operative) are limited to the Tech Origins (Smuggler, Agent, Hunter and Trooper), while the Force Combat Styles (Marauder, Juggernaut, Sage, Shadow, Sorcerer, Assassin, Sentinel and Guardian) are limited to the Force Origins (Knight, Warrior, Consular and Inquisitor.) Only the Dark and Light Force CS are locked in that a character has to reach a certain level of Light or Dark to use the combat styles opposing their Origin's. (I.E., A LS Inquisitor has to reach a certain point on the Light side to use Sage instead of Sorcerer.) although when a character hits Light V or Dark V, it unlocks the 'light' or 'dark' force style for their entire legacy.

As soon as 7.0 hits, logging into an existing character will prompt us to pick a combat style - either the equivilent of their current Advanced Class or a new one - while making a new character will involve selecting a style from the beginning.

tl;dr - No, the story has no effect on Combat Styles.