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Smokin Wookies

Good Day! We are a laid back, PvE, PvP guild. While some like to progress, others are quite casual in play ( how the guild was founded ), we just try to be a place for all to enjoy themselves. In short, We have fun.. period.
We currently have four progression teams and are looking to add to that. We will run RWZ, and world PvP if there seems to be some fun somewhere. Whether you are a well established player, a brand new player looking to learn the ropes, or anywhere in-between, we would love to have you join us. And for those of you that like to explore your darker side, our Imp side guild, Just Wookie It, is a home to many.

we have had a sudden influx of new recruits, and interest in additional raid teams.

please feel free to check us out. we have teams running on Wed,Thurs, Fri and Saturday ( PST based ).

there seems to be interest in a Tuesday and an additional Thursday night group. if enough want, we'll add more beyond what we have

PM me, or hit me up in Discord, or check out our site if you are interested at all.

Please go to and fill out the application. Feel free to do a /who on Smokin Wookies anytime and hit us up in game.

Discord .. StarStryder#0551

We look forward to meeting you~

StarStyder - Combat Sentinel