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a guy found the solution

1. Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language
2. At the 1st tab ('Formats'), click the 'Additional Settings' buttons that is at the bottom right
3. In the new window, at the 1st tab again ('Numbers'), there is a field called 'Decimal Symbol' and a field called 'Digit Grouping Symbol'. Change decimal symbol to . (dot) and digit grouping symbol to , (comma)
4. Click Apply and then OK on this window and the same on the previous window
5. Launch the game

Cheers,we did what customer service couldnt,we figured it ourselves!
Actually this doesnt solve the problem. Im still having the issue on only 1 out of 4 different computer. (the 1 is not the worst in the bunch) there is something specific in the coding/setup of the computer that is causing this issue.