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06.30.2022 , 07:22 AM | #43
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Yeah, but my point is that if you end up in a situation like this it is still your fault for getting srunned twice, without breaker or CDs you simply have to play more passive.

If you get white bar from one stun then how would you punish a bad breaker? You just couldn't... seems pretty stupid.
The problem is breaker has a 2m30 cooldown. This is regs we’re talking about, do you think the best course of action after using breaker on a white bar in a 6v6 in mid would be to los and run behind everything after white bar is over so you can’t get chainstunned and killed? Because that sounds incredibly boring.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to “punish a bad breaker” in regs. If you stun someone they will most likely not have breaker because breaker has such a long cooldown. So what op is arguing and what I am arguing for regs is that if you need more than that one stun when they probably won’t have breaker anyway to kill them, you’re just bad.

Again I’m only arguing this for regs. For ranked I agree with pretty much every point you make.