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Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
ERIC, what about the bugs????????
Owing to their new communication format, they're apparently not talking about anything post 6.1 until after it launches. Or that's my interpretation, anyway.

See this part:

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
We talked about this last year as well but just a reminder that we have moved away from the big form roadmaps that we used to post. Instead we try to lean more on updates via PTS, posts, livestreams, and blogs. So you should expect to see more about what is beyond 6.1 as we get closer to / beyond its launch. With that said, that doesn't mean Keith will stop swinging in to give you some longer term updates. I would expect before the end of January to see Keith in the forums to give you a bit of a welcome to 2020 which will likely contain some hints at what we are looking at doing this year.
Kendra's translation: we talk about what we want, usually about what's coming next month, no longer address the future beyond next month, and maybe Mr Kanneg will drop by to say hi everythings amazing later. If you disagree with us, the doors that way.

Either Kanneg or someone else has Musco on a leash or Musco is totally ignorant of the game's future.