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01.13.2020 , 05:26 PM | #28
First, and foremost, thank you for (finally) posting. I have added sub time due to this post, speaking with my money.

I do feel obliged to mention, however, that I couldn't care less about your numbering scheme. I hope the amount of time BW spent worrying about numbering schemes is not proportional to the amount of your post discussing it. If so, I guess I can't be surprised none of the issues I raised earlier are being even remotely addressed.

Ok, snark aside... "the next story beat..." sounds promising. I wasnt expecting new story outside of the flashpoint format i despised from 5.x until 7.0. So kudos here, in advance.

Finally, I implore you to not totally disappear or refuse to address any of our issues until after 6.1 or whatever number scheme BW decides to adopt next (since apparently BW spends roughly 1/4 of it's time devoted to debating numbering schemes). I raised 5 issues I have, very fairly for me, here

To summarize for people who can't be bothered to read the whole thing, though I implore Musco to,
1. The failure to raise content to 75 is damaging to the endgame, and makes gearing feel largely pointless.

2. The new group finder operations needs to be addressed, I suggested splitting it into 2 operations queues, 1 for the multiple boss raid of the day, and one for the one off bosses (either rotate daily or random).

3. Several things on gearing, but primarily that amplifiers are a stupid number sink that is in fact required for min/maxing and not irrelevant as advertised. (Granted the advertisement was one of the dumbest things I've had the misfortune of reading on this forum, seriously, an irrelevant min maxing tool made no sense from the beginning).

4. The guild conquest window bug.

5. Crafting still needs major help.

Finally, and once again, welcome back to work Musco, and I hope you actually take your word on talking to us again, and not go deaf between now and 6.1.