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As subscribers, we all enjoy the privilege (it's not a right on a private forum) of posting in ways we think will attract the attention of the devs. The mods can decide what to do with posts. This is a general maintenance post. As such...

I am going to use it to raise my concern that that the 30m ranged companion bug is not fixed and even melee ones do not understand basic LoS.

Because, frankly, I'm worth it. <<sips martini>>

It appears they stood by their word yesterday to fix things fast, surprisingly I wasn't surprised!

I felt everyone was overreacting yesterday even though Musco told them they'd be fixing stuff ASAP. Good for him, they backed him up on his word.

Have you placed this bug in the proper place in the "bugs" section, Dasty?

P.S. You also seem to be sipping martinis a lot lately, just starting to worry bud. Don't fall back into your days of blackouts on Nar Shaddaa, waking up in places you have no idea how you got to!
Players quit WZs they do not enjoy. You are losing PVPers.
Give players a choice of WZs, enough is enough (Huttball) already!

Good job increasing rewards for PVP! It was much needed, thank you.