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The Founder's Medal was granted to people who were subscribed by a certain date after the game launched (March or April 2012). That is the one thing I thing should remain exclusive. All other promotional items, subscriber items, etc., should be made available again in some fashion.

Personally, I think BW missed a big opportunity with the login rewards program. What I think they should have done is have the weekly subscriber bonus grant a token(s) that would be used at a new vendor that would sell the old promo items. Put everything up there and allow people to purchase anything they missed. That would give people the opportunity to get the item as a bonus with their subscription for all characters for the life of the game or purchase something they missed and then spend some CC's to unlock it for their entire account.

If BW had done this then those people who post every so often about how they missed out on Shae or Niko could just sub until they had enough coins to purchase them from the promo vendor. It would also be an easy sub promo, too. Instead of rereleasing old items, if BW wanted to run a sub promo but did not have anything new to offer they could announce a be sub'ed on X day promo that would grant a small cache of sub login reward tokens.

One promo item I would be very interested in getting additional copies of is the Force Veteran armour set. On qualifying accounts, every character receives a copy but the set is bound to character, and there is no way to get additional copies. Maybe BW would consider making that set retroactively bound to legacy so people who want additional sets on one character can just transfer them from another character (hint, hint).
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