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01.25.2021 , 06:58 AM | #1
I've noticed one terribly glaring oversight here, Promotional Items. There's lots of fancy schmancy stuff out there that I personally would love to get my hands on, even if I do have to pay some Cartel Coins or some credits on the GTN for them. But as it stands, we can't have them without a time machine and a credit card.

Nico Okarr
The Swoop Race Bike from KOTOR 1
That cool Scout Walker you got for signing up for Twitch Prime
A Founder's Medal
... and many, many, many more things I can't list because I can't think of them all. Suffice it to say, It's a lot of stuff.

To the Devs at Bioware or whoever makes these decisions, this is a personal plea that many players can and/or will probably agree with, Can you make these promotional items available to all of us for purchase at a reasonable price?
And on that note, I don't mind paying for them, I just don't want you trying to fleece me either.

We'd really appreciate it, so thanks guys, gals and various non-binary gendered folks.

TL;DR Some of us would love to have some the same cool stuff that others have but we can't get because a bunch of us ended up "Johhny Come Lately." Thanks.