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05.05.2021 , 10:33 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt View Post
The intention behind the change was to increase the number of PvP players available for the whole queue. We are in the process of analyzing the data for this change and also gathering feedback from players who participate in PvP.
When your data shows you that the massive drop of PvP participants correlates with your change to only reward WINS in warzones, then I really think you should buy a round of beer for the whole forum community.

The way I see it:

A. You changed PvP rewards to WIN only.
B. Since that change you lost so many PvP players that you needed to kill a whole PvP bracket and create a huge level imbalance, just so that you can fill up the queues again.
Conclusio: Your change to WIN-only caused the OPPOSITE of what you intended. Not more players started playing PvP. More quit.

Who saw that coming?

To quote Sheldon Cooper: "Oh, I so informed you thusly".