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I am primarily a conquest focused pilot, but I do try. I don't suicide myself to get the extra ship count even though it's "better" for conquest. I'd rather win - I play the objectives and do my best every time. Even as a more "casual" player than most here I'm sure, the leeching absolutely kills matches for me. It makes me not want to queue.

It sucks to see my team control two sats, then we have none. I look at the map and see two people spinning in circles or idle, and we can't vote kick them because they manage to "contribute" via blowing themselves up or simply I can't get people to vote to kick. And sometimes when I ask people to vote kick I get hit with telling me to focus on the match and not what others are doing. What?? Paying attention to my teammates is what I do to make sure I can support if needed since people don't call for help 9 times out of 10 (in gsf or warzones).

And it's getting worse and worse all the time. I just did a match on Star Forge today and there were 3 leeches (2 on my team, 1 on the other) in just that one match. People are aware that they don't actually have to contribute, and there's nothing that can be done to stop them from doing so.

Rant over... sorry about that.
was in a match the other day where we "WERE" winning until 4 players from the same guild joined and self destructed the whole match. it was the match where you had to get 50pts. needless to say the other side won by 30pts from the SDers.