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I hope that many, like myself, will return to the game with news like this that you have actively listened to your player base. Perhaps with more news like this from the development team, that will happen.

Honestly, there are several boss fights (Master & Blaster) that are nearly impossible to complete even at the HM level for any but the absolute BEST teams, barring anyone less than top tier groups from making any progress on those operations and completing them.

Your concerns about the speed of gearing should mean you take EV and KP off the Highlighted HM rotation rather than gate the gear at the highest level, that many will be unable to complete anyway. I personally do not feel like that is a good decision at this point because it is FAR too late for that. But, if you wanted honest feedback for the -next- go around, you should perhaps consider things from that vantage point when planning what operations will reward what gear.

I also hope that you guys will consider STRONGLY the feedback from all variety of player (from the raid community down to the most casual of players) with regard to the loot that drops in the Eternal Championship. You should at minimum make it mod-able gear and not static, as gearing is an important thing to teach players about end-game play (even for solo or small group content) that can improve their game dramatically and the experiences they have with others in group content. Static gear rewards in that arena would be a waste of your development time.

Thanks again for listening to your players, fans, and lovers of this game. Also, thank you for communicating so clearly as you have done here. It is very easy to continue to support a game where this type of interaction with the developers takes place. Please keep it up! It is more appreciated than you probably know.
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