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I agree that choice should be a thing, but it should be to the benefit of the player and the class. I think the issue at the moment is the choice that Bioware is offering is between abilities that are class defining at worst, and game breaking at best.

Choosing between Guarded by the Force, Force Camo, or Blade Blitz is absurd. It would be more beneficial if Bioware created new abilities or augmented abilities that could be selected in lieu of current abilities. That is assuming that choice / player agency is something that they care about.
Many things I've seen to several classes so far, aren't things people want. I mean Force Camo didn't even last very long but it allowed Sentinel to get out, or around a slightly sticky situation; yet taking that away or having to only choose 1... ...well if they think that's going to encourage more to subscribe, clearly they aren't thinking. I mean it's not every Class so far, that's been hit hard, yet a few have been. One commended they made another class mostly choose between 3 abilities nobody ever used or cared for, and I think we all know who they are.

While I agree it wouldn't be bad, if Bioware created new abilities to replace some of those difficult choices lost--yet currently they mostly haven't--I think that's honestly the real sad part! Also those difficult choices, often used to DEFINE the class as a whole. And all this just so maybe we can use a dual saber, the benefit's are mostly well quite sad at best. So far I'm mostly mixed between a strong thumbs down, and two thumbs down so far!

I'm trying to feel optimistic about my Sentinel, yet don't like the choices I'm going to have to choose from. I also greatly MISS the old interface, even if they made the skills appear a bit smaller.
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