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Yeah, we've all heard the DC excuse. If you are having constant DC problems, then don't queue for PVP. Queueing for PVP with the expectation that you will DC is better known by another term: trolling. Your connection is an issue between you and your ISP. BioWare cannot balance PVP around people with bad connections.

The best player in the game cannot win ancient hypergates in 8 vs 1. Numbers matter. When you leave a match because you are losing (and this is exactly why you and everyone else choose to leave) you're harming the team and their fun because they are trying to make a comeback to the best of their abilities.
The DC excuse does seem unrealistic in my experience. I will say that I do get viscerally angry when I eat the lockout for reasons that don't involve me simply choosing to leave. the most common example is I forgot to equip a weapon. it's in my inventory. I just didn't equip it. and now I cannot. well ****. I have to leave now. or I can stay, which I have done twice. but what's more (obviously) infuriating is when I click on the accept for a WZ and it doesn't take me anywhere. the only way to "cleanse" that is to relog, which slaps me with a deserter debuff. and then there's my all time favorite, the backfill, which is 90% of the time a hopeless situation, including porting into (usually VS) with seconds remaining in the match (mind you porting into the losing team no longer even includes the "participation trophy" toward the pvp quests).

map selection. I agree that allowing everyone the ability to select their map would be a terrible idea given the current population in the queue. however, at least (and I'm being conservative here) half of the good premades (at least on SF) only show-up to "DM at mid," which can help their team, but more often than not hurts them. if you're going to lock players who actually want to play the objectives into the match, then you really need to do something to force the rest of their team to try to win as well. but that's impossible. there's no way to make players play the objectives. therefore, allowing players to leave w/o incurring the debuff is the only logical recourse I can come up with. but if you have any better ideas, I would be open to them. I haven't seen any....