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04.20.2021 , 03:25 PM | #1
I've been playing a Light-Side Sith Inquisitor and a Light-Side Sith Warrior. In both cases I got Jaesa on my Warrior and Ashara on my Inquisitor to stay Light-side and help me "reform" the Empire from within. But then LS Jaesa is totally fine coming along and helping me kill the Republic's top military leaders with no problem and initiate Plan Zero to start a war for Darth Baras. It's not like we don't know what he's trying to do so how can this add up with being LS? Especially since it doesn't even line up with being a Grey or pragmatic Sith, Baras is frankly a sadist and it's painfully obvious. And then there's the LS Inquisitor which is less confusing but still poses a problem. Ashara has this vague idea of trying to make peace or build a bridge between Jedi and Sith but then she's totally fine standing alongside me and killing Republic troops. What's the best way for this to make sense in terms of the game story?