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This isn't server load testing. This is ensuring that everyone gets in smoothly without issues like occured with STO during it's first month. Open Beta resulted in server crashes, insane lag, and all around pissed off customers. Launch Day the game was almost unplayable for the people who got in and queues had to be instituted that resulted in huge numbers not being able to play at all. It took them over a week to get enough servers to get everyone on, THEN the servers started going down every half hour to an hour.

Bioware is attempting to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible with no crashes, no "I have to wait in a queue for 5 hours" and as little lag as possible. Plus with the staggered entry you won't be fighting with one million other people over the starting areas.

If they had let everyone in you'd be here complaining about "The server keeps crashing" or "I'm stuck in a queue" or "I can't complete this quest because everyone else is killing all the enemies" or "This lag is horrible, Bioware you suck". There is no way for them to win in this situation so they took the way that will be least painful for the players and cause the least resentment due to hardware issues.

You sir have said exactly what I was thinking. Spot on!

side note: Thank you to anyone and everyone who has made this day possible!
extra side note: I didnt get a chance to enter my code in until the end of last month, does it bother me? yes!! Will I rage on the forums like a 3yr old? NO!

Wake up ppl!! Today is the start of something amazing! We should all be happy and thankful for the opportunity to live our star wars dream! We all are fans of star wars and despite some mishaps with lucas arts and that sad blue ray release they did, WE THE FANS have stuck together and been an awesome community of friendly ppl. Lets keep it like that and stop all this complaining and whining...
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People are allowed to have opinions, and when you give them complete anonymity and a voice they become double a-holes.