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What did you do to gain XP? How much XP did you expect and how much did you get?
I normally do 3 heroics or more per character to achieve over 50,000 conquest points. I average about 100,000 Conquest points per hour doing this, without double exp active.

I did the same thing I always do and I saw no increase in the amount of points gained.

my thought is that if I normally gain over 50,000 Conquest Points per character doing 3 heroics, then my math would say that if double rewards/exp is active it should be double that...

Which is what normally happens.

Normally, I get about 200,000 Conquest Points per hour if it's a double rewards event.
I normally average about 100,000 Conquest Points per hour on average doing only heroics.

Note: I run heroics solo.

Also: I almost forgot to mention... I'm averaging (yesterday) the same amount of Conquest Points I normally do with no change or increase....