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Giving it a quick look, Iím going to say that the companion ages in the encyclopedia are probably intended as their ages when theyíre recruited, not at 13 ATC. For example, I donít think Kira is intended to be younger than Nadia, but Nadia is listed in the encyclopedia as 22 while Kira is listed as 20.
About companions ages, how old are Mako and Torian when we meet them ?
I found 19 for Mako and 17 for Torian, but i find it hard to believe he'd be 2 years younger than her. And him being less than 18 would be somewhat odd honnestly.
I also found 17 for Mako and 18 for Torian, so i just don't know...

And how old is Lana too ? I'd say she's probably around Theron's age, which would make her around 40 by now, but her age was never stated.
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