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06.22.2020 , 02:06 PM | #163 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Some more quick answers here, but it looks like folks are generally feeling good with what we’ve put together – we’ll stick with this going forward and look for opportunities to present it more “formally” sometime down the road. Huge thanks to all of you for joining in the discussion!

Quote: Originally Posted by MrEndymion View Post
Question for the story team as well, at the current point that in-game lore is at, what age would you say the 8 classes are, if you had to guess?
I don’t like to give any “canon” age for the player characters; that should be left up to the player themselves as much as possible IMO

Quote: Originally Posted by LtGeneralGezlin View Post
Are the ages for the companions as stated in the Encyclopedia their ages at the time we meet them in game (For example, is Risha 21 when we meet her in the Prologue?) or their ages around the time of 13 ATC/ 3640 BBY?
Oof… I’m actually not sure what everyone’s intent was when we put that together. There were numerous authors on the encyclopedia, and all class writers were consulted, but I forget if we made this specific distinction when presenting the information.

Giving it a quick look, I’m going to say that the companion ages in the encyclopedia are probably intended as their ages when they’re recruited, not at 13 ATC. For example, I don’t think Kira is intended to be younger than Nadia, but Nadia is listed in the encyclopedia as 22 while Kira is listed as 20.

Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
We can make it relatively simple: is Annihilation / Battle of Duro supposed to be set the same year as Ilum, or the year after?
Since Drew said pretty explicitly that he intended it for 13 ATC, I’d prefer not to override that if there isn't some glaring conflict to resolve (it doesn't seem like it currently). I can’t recall – do any characters in Annihilation mention Malgus’s uprising?

Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
My main problem with all this is that it would mean that the Alliance takes down the Eternal Empire in the same year that it was established, which just rubs me the wrong way.
I’ve seen people here and elsewhere saying that it feels wrong in both directions – some, like you, feel it’s too fast; others feel like it couldn’t possibly take that long based on how the chapters themselves feel. I suspect the timing here will never please everyone, but in your specific case I would personally look to the fact that the Alliance is made up of staggeringly powerful and skilled people who (until it was formed) were unable to combine their efforts. Once they could, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch to me that things took a turn within a year, IMO.

Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
is there an IRL month that corresponds to the change in a year in the game?
Again, for simplicity’s sake, I use the IRL year rollover (December->January) to mark the in-game year rollover. I admit this is arbitrary, but IMO it’s just one more area where the vagueness of time in Star Wars doesn’t actually hold up to scrutiny because it was never meant to. What month was the Treaty of Coruscant signed? Was it coincidentally the same exact month as the Battle of Yavin, thousands of years later? Wouldn’t there be times where Event A could be in 13 ATC, and Event B is in 14 ATC, but they’re both in 3640 BBY? Or vice versa?

That way lies madness, so let’s just all pretend Malgus was crashing the Jedi’s new year’s party in Deceived and not dig any deeper into this hole

Quote: Originally Posted by Ylliarus View Post
Would it be possible that the Sith Empire used a different dating system, one that is still recent but more geared towards the Empire's priorities and values?
I think that would totally make sense, but I’d personally prefer not to introduce even more complexity into all of this. Furthermore, a new calendar system would constitute new lore, and therefore be something to discuss with our LFL partners; it’s not something I could simply declare in a forum post. So I wholeheartedly support roleplayers using that idea, but I can’t make it an official “thing” at this time

And as long as I'm here, there were a few questions that aren’t really on the topic of the thread, but I’ll indulge real quick

Quote: Originally Posted by LtGeneralGezlin View Post
What is the relation between our HK-51 and the HK-50s and HK-51s from Knights of the Old Republic II, and where does HK-55 fit into that line? Is he a repurposed and modified HK-51 built specifically for Lana, or is he a one of a kind creation by the Empire after we recovered HK-51 from Section X?
I was under the impression that HK-51 was only in deleted content for KOTOR II? As for HK-55, our intent was that he’s his own new and improved model created by the Empire, but only produced in very limited quantities (which is why we haven’t run into any others yet).

Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
You know, I would still like to know why you decided to "uplift" a character such as Savik, who had exactly one appearance and didn't even speak back then.
I chose her precisely because she was unmemorable in her first appearance. I wanted a character that players were likely to have fought, but unlikely to remember, so that they could experience that feeling of having a huge impact on a character’s life without ever having considered it at the time.

Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
Regarding the role of Kira and Scourge in ending Vitiate, did they know about the Alliance at that point?
I’d hesitate to get into too much “official” detail on stuff like that, since leaving it open a bit leaves room for a cool short story or something in the future. But what you go on to suggest is more or less what’s in my head at the moment – they were focused on their own thing in obscure corners of the galaxy, and not all that connected to galactic events. But consider that unofficial for now.
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