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I don’t like to give any “canon” age for the player characters; that should be left up to the player themselves as much as possible IMO
Maybe you can tell the team again that we'd like to have access to an age slider in character creation then, that would be great. While I consider all of "my canon's" characters to be between 18 and 22 when starting out in the game, I've got a lot of characters who are older, from the previous generation, parents and mentors to certain characters etc. Don't want all of those to look just as fresh-faced as the main people, and there's only so much you can do with faces, complexions and beards to make people look older. We need some wrinkles

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Oof… I’m actually not sure what everyone’s intent was when we put that together. There were numerous authors on the encyclopedia, and all class writers were consulted, but I forget if we made this specific distinction when presenting the information.

Giving it a quick look, I’m going to say that the companion ages in the encyclopedia are probably intended as their ages when they’re recruited, not at 13 ATC. For example, I don’t think Kira is intended to be younger than Nadia, but Nadia is listed in the encyclopedia as 22 while Kira is listed as 20.
My thoughts as well. This also meshes well enough with your timeline of things and given the fact that the codex entries for Imperial Agent companions also list an age, which you don't get until you've recruited them.

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Since Drew said pretty explicitly that he intended it for 13 ATC, I’d prefer not to override that if there isn't some glaring conflict to resolve (it doesn't seem like it currently). I can’t recall – do any characters in Annihilation mention Malgus’s uprising?
Yes, it does. There is dispute among the Dark Council with regards to Darth Karrid to replace the recently deceased Darth Hadra (died on Corellia during the freeing of the Legislature, same quest that Republic players run into/over Savik), because Karrid is a former student of Darth Malgus. Because of this, I'd feel it better to situate Annihilation in the year following Ilum, otherwise the end of 13 ATC gets much too crowded with big events, which is one more reason why I personally advocate that the at-launch-content with Ilum ends in 12 ATC and everything released post-launch gets placed in 13 ATC onwards.

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I’ve seen people here and elsewhere saying that it feels wrong in both directions – some, like you, feel it’s too fast; others feel like it couldn’t possibly take that long based on how the chapters themselves feel. I suspect the timing here will never please everyone, but in your specific case I would personally look to the fact that the Alliance is made up of staggeringly powerful and skilled people who (until it was formed) were unable to combine their efforts. Once they could, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch to me that things took a turn within a year, IMO.
I think this is probably also an issue because, as you told us long ago, the whole Zakuul thing was originally supposed to be spread across three expansions, but the reception of KOTFE caused it to be scaled back to 2 (1.5 really, when you think about it). This also brings up an interesting question. I somehow doubt that any of the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor will still find its way into the game, so could you maybe share some tidbits of what we would have seen, had the story progressed the way it was originally envisioned?

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Again, for simplicity’s sake, I use the IRL year rollover (December->January) to mark the in-game year rollover. I admit this is arbitrary, but IMO it’s just one more area where the vagueness of time in Star Wars doesn’t actually hold up to scrutiny because it was never meant to. What month was the Treaty of Coruscant signed? Was it coincidentally the same exact month as the Battle of Yavin, thousands of years later? Wouldn’t there be times where Event A could be in 13 ATC, and Event B is in 14 ATC, but they’re both in 3640 BBY? Or vice versa?
I get your point. That is why I'm not exactly a fan of this whole thing of a set of events starting in one year and then ending in the middle of the next. If everything was relegated to one year (Year 1 for Prologue / Chapter 1, Year 2 for Chapter 2 and Year 3 for Chapter 3), it would have been simpler and cleaner, in my opinion, especially if an in-universe calender system does not commit to the usage of smaller units of time, like months.

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I think that would totally make sense, but I’d personally prefer not to introduce even more complexity into all of this. Furthermore, a new calendar system would constitute new lore, and therefore be something to discuss with our LFL partners; it’s not something I could simply declare in a forum post. So I wholeheartedly support roleplayers using that idea, but I can’t make it an official “thing” at this time
Would definitely be nice. We haven't had any meaty blog posts or short stories in a while.

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I chose her precisely because she was unmemorable in her first appearance. I wanted a character that players were likely to have fought, but unlikely to remember, so that they could experience that feeling of having a huge impact on a character’s life without ever having considered it at the time.
A nice idea, granted. Given the Dark Council's history and high turnover rate in recent years though, I'd have liked some more competent people in the Empire's power structure. Both Malora and Savik didn't exactly fit that bill in my opinion. As previously mentioned, I'd have rather had someone more experienced promoted to the rank, like Darth Numin, Lord Medechas or Darth Rictus (whom we never even saw in the game).

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I’d hesitate to get into too much “official” detail on stuff like that, since leaving it open a bit leaves room for a cool short story or something in the future. But what you go on to suggest is more or less what’s in my head at the moment – they were focused on their own thing in obscure corners of the galaxy, and not all that connected to galactic events. But consider that unofficial for now.
Understood, but if I may ask, what do you think how long Kira and Scourge actually kept looking for the Knight before going off on their quest to destroy Vitiate's original body? Doc mentions he got separated from then on Begeren, while Master Ranos mentioned earlier that Kira ran her own resistance movement for a bit before Arcann cracked down on them.

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About companions ages, how old are Mako and Torian when we meet them ?
I found 19 for Mako and 17 for Torian, but i find it hard to believe he'd be 2 years younger than her. And him being less than 18 would be somewhat odd honnestly.
I also found 17 for Mako and 18 for Torian, so i just don't know...
According to Charles, Chapter 1 ends in late 11 ATC with chapter 2 still beginning in that year. That likely means that seeing Torian in the background of the Great Hunt winner ceremony on Dromund Kaas and then later meeting him during the quest to become Mandalorian means he's the same age then. Since there are no means to pinpoint the specific point in the story where the year shifts in the game, I'd argue that seeing him on Dromund Kaas and then recruiting him on Taris is likely to still fit in the same year, making him 18.

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And how old is Lana too ? I'd say she's probably around Theron's age, which would make her around 40 by now, but her age was never stated.
I believe I asked Charles this a year or so ago on Twitter. As I recall, his answer was basically "near Theron's age", since she's supposed to be his contemporary. According to Drew Karpyshn, Theron is 30 by the time of Annihilation, which he says takes place in 3640 BBY. If this fits with Charles' point of view, then Theron would be
about 44 now, with Lana in a similiar range of late 30s to early 40s. Phew, they sure grew old fast.
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