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I have stacks of them that are bound to legacy. So I'm not sure what you're talking about here. I can claim them from collection at any time I choose, and while they may bind to that character, I can claim them on any other character with the click of a button in my collections. This is, effectively, bound to legacy, since only toons on that legacy can claim them.
That's not what "Bound to Legacy" means. The key feature of BtL is that a BtL item can be traded freely in its current form (without any manipulation other than putting it in Legacy storage or a mail message) to another character on your legacy.

That's not the case for items claimed from Collections, as you, yourself, say, so they aren't BtL.

And in any event, an item in Collection that you've paid the unlock fee for, well, it can be claimed on any character on your account, not just the ones on this server.
Not really what you think.
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