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09.16.2021 , 11:20 AM | #222
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With the PTS up one again, did somebody see any changes in the sentinel Build ?
From what I saw when I logged in to check things yesterday, there weren't any "changes", at least for Combat, but there's what (at least currently) seems like a bug. I'll need to create a new Sentinel to be sure, but. Blade Blitz and Transcendence are both always showing up on my Sentinel's ability bars/list despite still being shown as options in the tree. Choosing their respective options doesn't do anything, doesn't even remove the effect of the other option (so if you take Guarded by the Force and then switch to Blade Blitz, you won't lose GbtF).

Maybe this isn't a bug and they intend to make Blade Blitz and Transcendence baseline again, but since they're both still in the tree as well it's hard to take that as the intent without being told that's the intent. Would be nice, especially if they then put some other abilities back in their place (Force Stasis in Transcendence's place being my primary hope, to at least be on par with Agents/Smugglers that have to select their 4s hard stuns around the same level). Unless Bioware actually speaks up and confirms this is the intent, though, I'm assuming it's a bug.
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