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Yeah, I've got to admit, I'm still pretty angry that they haven't fixed the duplicate names problem in all this time, especially for decorations that don't have a work around.

I'm also darned upset that they haven't fixed all the bugs with Cartel Market decorations. If we pay real money for something, it ought to work and work well.

Every time I think of buying more Cartel Coins, I remember these bugs, and it stops me in my tracks.
I just wanted to echo this sentiment. I don't want to turn this thread into a gripe session, and I've done that elsewhere anyway (and on more than one occasion), yet I've long suspected two issues with SH development and maintenance (i.e. bug fixes) in this game that I wanted to share.

First, I don't believe they have the same person designing SH decorations. I believe the work gets farmed out to whomever is available, and unfortunately, a little (or a lot, in some cases) lack of attention to detail and you end up with duplicate deco names, inconsistent hook assignments, and other similar issues that would likely have been avoided if the same person (or the same group of people, as in a dedicated department) was working and maintaining their deco database.

Second, we all know the SWTOR team was gutted years ago for the train wreck that became Anthem. Those developers aren't coming back, so the SWTOR team has been forced to work under an economy of resources model. Which simply means that something like SH decorations are probably at the very bottom of their list of things to do. If they manage to end up with some time to spare, they look at what else on their incredibly long and ever-growing list of bugs they can fix within whatever resource and time constraints they happen to have at that moment.

I think that's the unfortunate reality of the game, which becomes abundantly more clear as bugs persist into years. We generally don't see a Developer or Community Manager responding to us because, what's the point? What are they going to say? We will try to fix some of these bugs, but it may take years, or it may never happen. Though that may sound cynical, I do hold out hope that they may eventually see the wisdom in setting aside time and resources to address longstanding bugs, especially in the SH system, and so I continue to post here in support of these efforts. Nevertheless, it's extremely frustrating to endure, and as evidenced by threads like these, at least I know I'm not alone here. So keep that wheel squeaking, and it may eventually get some oil.
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