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12.13.2011 , 09:25 AM | #982
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You sir have said exactly what I was thinking. Spot on!

side note: Thank you to anyone and everyone who has made this day possible!
extra side note: I didnt get a chance to enter my code in until the end of last month, does it bother me? yes!! Will I rage on the forums like a 3yr old? NO!

Wake up ppl!! Today is the start of something amazing! We should all be happy and thankful for the opportunity to live our star wars dream! We all are fans of star wars and despite some mishaps with lucas arts and that sad blue ray release they did, WE THE FANS have stuck together and been an awesome community of friendly ppl. Lets keep it like that and stop all this complaining and whining...

couldnt of said it any better i think people are just anxious to get in and play thay've been waiting a long time and there being frustrated cause the day they get to play is so close they can taste it... so please dont be to hard on these ragers they'll be ok ....