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04.11.2021 , 07:52 AM | #94
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I noticed that some decorations with fire or similar (such as the holosconce) make an overbearing horrible roaring sound rather that a light crackling fire sound. Might want to fix this before going live.
It sounds like the fire is louder than it used to be, or maybe it's a matter of where I placed them.

Also, the Holo Sign decos (mostly the new Mek-Sha ones) are so annoyingly buzzy and loud, I hate to use them. If you put up more than one, the sounds seem to combine exponentially. It's like nails on a chalkboard.

It's also too loud and too much after awhile on the game map. There are places on Mek-Sha I can't stand to spend much time, which is really a shame because it has one of the best location designs in the game. (I want a Mek-Sha apartment someday!)

Devs, please cut the fire volume by 25% and the Holo Sign volumes by 50% (or even 75%)?
This small change would make a huge difference.

Meanwhile... has anyone noticed much happening outside the Fleet apartment windows?
I think I noticed a few small ships moving very slowly, but nothing significant. Are there any Tatooine-style events in the distance?
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