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There are very few ceiling light decorations with illumination that extends to the floor from high ceilings.
Considering how many of the new strongholds have high ceiling areas, we could use more lights.
Something like the Revanite Chandelier or Czerka ceiling light in brightness.

We've seen Basic Ceiling Light (Yellow) in other colors around the game.
Perhaps they could release some of the other ones -- blue, green, red, purple, etc.
Especially if they adjust the glow to extend lower from the deco.

A version of Basic Junker's Light, Underworld Light Node, or Octagonal Light Node that actually gives off light, or any brightly illuminating light that works in a Small Wall hook, would be a huge help.
Kind of what I was eluding to when I was talking about bundling earlier... we could definitively use some new styles and perhaps combine with other really nice ones to create a "lighting bundle" . Or perhaps even a new "drop" of some sort while in game !!

Also a more "natural or white" lighting would work.. Blue as you have suggested might work as well !!

I hope they do something about that "yellow tint" on the Republic side !! UGH it really takes away from the overall view !! It should also be noted that even in RL we have gone to strictly LED/ dimmable/ "Daylight" (not "soft white") just to improve the overall lighting throughout the house.
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