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On the subject of same-gender romance, but obviously not SWTOR...

I've been going through Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the last two months or so. For the first time. Just saw the season 6 episode "Seeing Red" last night. It was so sweet to finally see Willow and Tara together again, and so the show went and broke my heart. Sleeping became a problem...

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Well, while the codex does indeed state that they are sexually female, Liara describes them as mon-gendered in ME1 with no concept of gender differences and that she is 'not precisely a woman'. So the confusion is understandable.
Well, of course a mono-gendered species wouldn't have any concept of gender unless they actually encountered a species that had more than one, but one is not zero. And certainly Asari aren't technically women, since a woman is a female human.

But at the end of the day they're biologically female and anatomically woman-like.

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Another aspect that complicates things that may have been mentioned before but not often, is romance conflict dialogues.

This is all true.

But as far as Hickman's excuse goes, it's also something they should have known about from the start. I can't see how they could possibly not know the scope of the content they promised.