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04.27.2021 , 10:41 PM | #1
I've been playing this game for a year now and been a solo player for just as long. I am now looking to Join an RP guild.

What I am looking for:
Role Playing elements for interaction. And it's games combat elements should speak for it's self.

What kind of RP Guild:
One that welcomes all walks of life character ideas. My main was a former Sith Lord with the rank of Darth. Then left the Sith order to pursue a Space Pirate Life. He now Captains a Stolen/Modified Imperial Dreadnaught Named the Savage Crossing and is on the run from the Sith Empire and tends to cause a lot of mischief and trouble the damn Imps. He tends to keep in the Hutts Territory most of the time. Rarely outside of the outer rim territory.

What do I have to offer:
Other than my character idea. Experience. I main Tank, with Damage as my side boo. And I am currently have a character made for each class story. I hold MMO experience across WoW, ESO, and Fallout 76. I also have leadership experience on discords, and I hold experience in making building and programing bots on discord.

What Server:
Honestly any. I can go and make a character made and lvled up within the week if I really wanted to.

So is any guild has what I am looking for and what I have to offer?