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So basically you want to craft the best gear, with little effort ? Thatís what I read in all this. Pity times massive increase to chances for crits. No effort even though everything was being posted to gtn first week. God forbid we actually have to work at getting stuff. People in MMOís now have such a poor attitude. They donít understand what a grind is. They have no clue how it used to be in games where you literally would have to grind items for months at a time to get the best gears.
I do. I used to play SWG where you needed to grind Krayt Dragons, Nightsisters, and whatever else to try and get subcomponents that you would then take to a crafter, usually another real person, perhaps in your guild. You would know them because they searched every inch of every planet for good resources, placed as many harvesters as their lot limit would allow. They had a shop where you could see the quality of their workmanship. You'd entrust those hard-work-acquired components and give them to this crafter who would make you the best whatever ... armor piece, weapon. Don't forget carrying a trader into the Death Watch Bunker to craft your Mandalorian Armor.

Give it a rest. This is not about working hard, or being lazy. This isn't about an interesting or challenging system. I've seen what that is, and this game will never hold a candle to SWG's crafting system even after the NGE.

I've got no problem "working hard," "stockpiling materials," etc. What I have a problem with is:

1. Spending about 20 cycles of four characters with rank 50 companions, all eight sent out on gathering missions and my fifth harvesting bio materials in the wild ...
2. Crafting 24 stacks of artifact-quality biochem consumables
3. Trying to reverse engineer those stacks at a 5% RE chance
4. Getting no schematics from that and getting materials completely unrelated to my crafting profession as a result.

I said it in the other thread and I'll repeat it here: The resource requirements and nested components might be tolerable IF the RE chance wasn't simultaneously punishingly nerfed and doesn't return nearly enough materials to make ONE end product. There is no amount of hard work that can "ensure" a RE result, and that's what I have a problem with. In SWG, if I managed to loot that legendary component, I could take it to a good crafter and with good resources have a reasonable expectation of the outcome. That's because the crafter would have worked hard to have good resources. That's what I consider to be worth it.

Sorry for taking the thread off topic, Estelindis.
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