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My views are slightly different but I do feel there need to be changes so here are my suggestions:

1 - Augments
Fix the SRM issue (conquest mat). SRMs are too few as a reward for the amount you need to craft and in particular get schems from deconstruction. This is a combination of the low drop rate from conquest rewards, the low chance (5%) of getting such a schem and the fact that blue schems already need a lot of SRMs.

Possible fixes:
a) Increase the availability of SRMs
b) Increase the chance on a schem from deconstruction
c) Lower the amount of SRMs needed for blue schems

SRMs are now solely available through conquest and particularly based on how well your guild performs and how many alts you get over 50k. I think that's too punitive for people in smaller guilds or who don't play many alts. Perhaps they should drop 1-X from renown crates so that people have more available based on play time rather than playing in a certain way only and having to put many alts through conquest.

The chance of a schem should be at least doubled to 10% in order to be less punitive.

The amount of SRMS for blue schems should be reduced to 1-2.

My idea is that these 3 things are done at the same time, not just one of them.

2 - Green mat availability

One of the core issues that I see currently is that it's actually too hard to get green mats from gathering missions. When you have scavenging at 700 there are only 2 missions that are really useful: they grey ones. The green ones give a little bit of green mats but fewer and the yellow and orange missions give zero green mats. To add insult to injury (a bit dramatic but it fits), you can have r50 companions and legacy perks set and still it is possible for your companions to FAIL a greyed out mission. Then on top of it the jawa junk situation is out of control as well: 200 junk for one green item is NOT a fair trade even with increased drops of jawa junk.

Possible fixes:
a) Give more green mats from missions
b) Don't let grey missions fail anymore
c) Reduce jawa junk cost for r11 materials

The idea here is to have grey and green missions give ample green mats. Green missions currently give a pittance or give 2 more grey missions.

I do not think it's fair that r50 companions can fail grey missions so that needs to stop

Finally the cost of 200 jawa junk for 1 green mat is preposterous. I am now stacking more jawa junk than before in my storage because it's just not worth it. I personally feel that it should be reduced to 10 jawa junk but remove them as rewards from gathering missions that fail and from slicing nodes. There is entirely too much jawa junk but even a stack of 9999 jawa junk can only almost buy 50 mats. Considering how many mats you need, that's just plain stupid.

In my view jawa junk should only come from deconstruction and the amounts should make sense there. It's become an annoying currency right now.

3 - Crafting bandwidth
What I mean here is the question of what you can do with crafting or how useful it is. Currently the mods and accessories you can craft are useless because they are obsolete already because of the gearing system giving out better gear so easily. Beyond augments and stims, there's nothing really useful that I've seen so far. There's an occasional tactical but that's it. I can't re mods or anything for schems so what gives with that?

The solution lies simply in the concept of making crafting more part of endgame gearing by giving it more options but it's too big a thing to tackle in detail here. One thing I'd like to see is the addition of amplifiers as craftable upgrades, which would solve another problem as well. Perhaps a system where you craft and amplifier and then have an item (shell, mod) that you put in the modification station with a new enhance option which absorbs the amplifiers.


Overall I am not against crafting being a bit more difficult and costly than it was. It was a joke before to be honest. But there are some things, like I mentioned above, that are out of whack. Higher mat costs are fine but it shouldn't be so difficult to get green mats from gathering missions for example. That makes the system feel punitive rather than fun.
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