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Anyone who wants to contribute, please make specific suggestions or tweak someone else's suggestions.
  • Also because of the need for more grade 11 green materials, realign the proportion of green to blue to purple materials provided by harvesting nodes to approx. 7:2:1.
A small addition to this one, because I've deliberately gathered with my Materials Inventory open to see what quantities I'm receiving.

It would be useful to tighten up the range of the materials returned from the gathering nodes specifically, I've been getting anything from 3 to 20 of the same material (in this case Bioanalysis mats). Ideally this needs to be a much tighter range, with a smaller percentage variance.

8 to 16 of greens would be an ideal range, if the base is 12 that would be a +/- 33.3% range, what I've been seeing while gathering is a range more akin to +/- 75-80% which is far too inconsistent and unnecessarily increases the time required to gather materials.

Obviously this depends on whether the Grade 11 schematics get reverted to 2/2/2 and the number of steps required decreased.

The second point that needs to be made is Crew Mission skills. I'm seeing Rich yields on Diplomacy for one type of material only, the other type simply isn't there. A pass through of all of the Grade 11 Crew Mission skills to ensure that each type of material is equally represented at each tier of mission wouldn't go amiss. That seems more like an oversight than anything else.
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