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Then again, for every player that can faceroll 5.0-era FPs in MM (they were unevenly nerfed in 6.0, but I still cleared Umbara and Nathema MM at their 5.0 difficulties with their bonus bosses, none of these clears were faceroll to me back then), there are several players who can only run Hammer and/or Red Reaper at that level. This also means there isn't a whole lot of players that can faceroll Umbara/Nathema MM, and a few extra that can clear these but for whom they pose some level of challenge. Now, to whom do 5.0-era FPs and Meridian pose a challenge?

However, I still feel like older MMs (released under 1.0 outside of Kaon/LI) should get difficulty buffs to bring them to the level of 3.0-era FPs, or at least of Kaon and 2.0-era FPs, if only under the form of a tighter DPS or healing check. Blood Hunt may have been nerfed by typo, though.

I may have two-manned False Emp in MM, or tanked Ilum MM with the bonus boss on a DPS devoid of taunts, but these aren't experiences I would want to repeat, since they are frustrating more than they are challenging. I knew that MM FP difficulty correlated to release date almost perfectly.
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