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So I have a question for the story team and in particular Charles Boyd: how would you justify a Sith Pureblood Inquisitor, aka how did a Pureblood end up being a slave if they are held in high regard amongst the Sith Empire. I have several own backstories and theories as to how it would work, but I am very curious to the thoughts of the story team and mainly whether they consider it justifiable for a Pureblood to have been a slave.

One of my theories always has been that the family of the Sith Pureblood had fallen into disgrace with a higher Lord or Darth, that in turn cast the family down and enslaved them. Since slavery is inherited within the Empire it could have been how a Pureblood Inquisitor ended up being a slave. Possibly the family fell into disgrace because they opposed the Galactic War, fearing the mistakes from the Great Hyperspace War would be repeated. Such sentiments existed during the times of the Revan novel within the Sith Empire, so it would be possible that some still held such beliefs although the group of people with such thoughts would be much smaller than 300 years ago.
Another theory I thought of was that one of the parents of the Pureblood Inquisitor was born without affinity in the Force which would result in them being the ultimate disgrace amongst the Sith. Perhaps they were considered thus worthless that they had been enslaved and subsequently the Inquisitor was born from perhaps rape or either the slave being for the pleasure of another Pureblood. Instead of being born without affinity to the Force the child actually was strong in the Force and thus sent to Korriban, released from slavery (as it is inherited).

But really I am most curious whether the Story Devs would agree with either one of these theories being plausible as the backstory of a Sith Pureblood Inquisitor.
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