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Sidenote: Berserc is wierd. Its 6 stacks of 30% alacrity, that can snapshot abiltys on a lower cooldown.
There are abiltys as Furious Power or Ferocity that gain the lower cooldown from bersercs alacrity, without consuming a stack!
But there are also abiltys as Mad Dash, that doesnt gain anything from alacrity but consume a stack.
Mad Dash is considered an escape/mobility tool as much as a defensive cooldown, so unfortunately Bioware decided most of those can't be improved with alacrity. I'm guessing that it consumes a stack because it does damage in addition to the other effects.

Furious Power and Ferocity are offensive cooldowns that don't do damage directly, so it makes sense that they would not consume a stack.

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This is what I know and use for alacrity:

Classes with 3% Alacrity buff (Gunnery/Arsenal/Combat/Carnage):
1.4s GCD: 663 Alacrity (7.15%)
1.3s GCD: 2,374 Alacrity (15.41%)

What is your target Alacrity percentage that you're achieving with 647?

647 with 3% static buff is giving me 7.05%, not the 7.15% required for 1.4s GCD.
Even with a set that has a 2-piece 2% alacrity rating boost that still wouldn't be enough (need 650 or 651), so I too am confused about the recommendation to only use 647.
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