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So, now that we have that out of the way ...

If you want to have enough alacrity rating so that, including your Carnage 3% discipline buff, you have 20% alacrity percentage normally and 50% under Berserk, then you will need about 3728 alacrity rating to do that. That's certainly possible, but you may have to sacrifice some accuracy to maintain enough critical rating. If you are trying to burst down a player in a few global cooldowns you need high critical rating to do that. Many players sacrifice the usually obligatory 110% accuracy for something less, just realize this will result in some misses against sages and sorcs who have 10% defense chance as opposed to the 5% of other classes.

With a global cooldown of 1 second during Berserk, it can be useful to ensure that abilties with cast times or channel times occur over the same number of global cooldowns as they would without Berserk, so that the flow of your rotation isn't interrupted. For example, the base channel duration of Force Choke with 0 alacrity percentage is 1.5 seconds and its ability cooldown is 60 seconds. That means its channel duration is exactly the same as one GCD. But, individual ability cooldowns round to the nearest hundredth of a second, so alacrity ratings in-between normal GCD breakpoints WILL affect the channel time of Force Choke. 20% alacrity is, of course, in between 15.39% and 25%, so the global cooldown will still be 1.3 seconds normally (that is, not under Berserk), but the channel time on Force choke will be 1.25 seconds. That ought to be enough wiggle room that your channel of Force Choke should complete before the GCD finishes (without Berserk).

However, if you want a little extra wiggle room during the Berserk window (how much room depends on your reaction time and your connection's latency), you could try for a channel time of Force Choke under 1 second. To get it to 0.99 seconds (only under Berserk of course) you would need to run 21.59% alacrity percentage, or 18.59% alacrity percentage without the discipline passive 3%. You need 4279 alacrity rating to get a final alacrity percentage of 21.59% on your character sheet, which ought to round off to a 0.99 second channel time (under Berserk). 4279 alacrity rating is a lot of your stat budget, and I'm not sure you want to sacrifice that much of your other tertiary stats.

So, to summarize,
You need alacrity rating of 3728 to have 1 second global cooldown during Berserk
You need alacrity rating of 4279 to get a 0.99 second channel time for Force Choke during Berserk.

So, I would recommend that you try out alacrity ratings between 3728 and 4279 on the test dummy, to see if you can routinely complete the Force Choke channel by the time the GCD is finished. Depending on rounding differences between machines, your connection latency, and your reaction time, you may not need exactly 4279 to accomplish this, but I suspect you will need to be close. Once you've figured out the amount of alacrity rating you need to be comfortable, then perhaps you can decide if you can sacrifice enough accuracy and critical to make that alacrity rating happen.
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