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How do I activate more than three on a server at any given time?
You go to the relevant stronghold terminal(s) and buy / activate the one(s) you want.

Caveat the First: You cannot *activate* more than one copy of a stronghold.

Caveat the Second: You cannot *buy* a second (or higher) copy of a stronghold.

Caveat the Third: If you deactivate a duplicate, it's gone for good (but the decorations are picked up and returned to your pool of usable decorations).

Caveat the Fourth: if you deactivate the last copy, it can be reactivated with all its previously unlocked rooms for the base credits price if you originally bought it for credits, or for free if you bought it for Cartel Coins.

EDIT: Caveat the Fifth: If you want a Coruscant stronghold, you must buy it on a Pubside character, and similarly if you want a Dromund Kaas stronghold, you must buy it on an Impside character.
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