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You know why it can not happen well as I explained the Wrath can outlast Nox as it outlasted Barass. Again nearly invincible so Wrath had no choice but to fight him until Barass exhausted all his power. Wrath will do the same with Nox fight him until he exhausts his power. So artifact an new power all useless as long as its finite power. Wrath will just tank and dodge everything until that power is gone.
Unless you use an bomb of course but even that is not sure since Wrath tanked one also.
Your logic hinges on Baras > Nox, which is a stretch at best. The only thing we see Wrath tanking is lightsaber and lightning (and rather wussy lightning at that). Nox has better tricks that Wrath probably has never seen or even heard of.

And it really doesn't say much for the Wrath either that he had to wait for Baras to exhaust himself. Nox was able to tank Thanaton's attacks (which were far more impressive than Baras') and utterly crush him
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