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Ah, I was waiting for "he didn't do anything alone because ghosts" nonsense.
Depriving the Inquisitor from his Ghosts is like depriving the Wrath from his lightsabers. If we consider Nox, the Ghosts are slaves, a mere extension of his power. Nox is an Inquisitor, a scholar... the best representation of this is the Sphere he is given once becoming a member of the Dark Council : Sphere of Knowledge. That's what he does : acquiring artifacts, knowledge over the Force and using it for his own gain.

And besides, I don't even throw Nox's army and superweapon in the fray. He is a leader after all, troops should be taken into account if we wan't to consider his overall power. Sure, the Emperor's Wrath has authority but, as I said, isn't a leader...

To me, a fight between the Emperor's Wrath and Darth Nox should be like this :
- Step 1 : The Warrior comes to take the head of Nox. He carves through Nox soldiers, tank his lightnings, resists his mind tricks and, after a long battle of epic proportions, cut him down.
- Step 2 : Darth Nox survives the fight... A mere lightsaber strike or Force Choke isn't enough to kill him for good.
- Step 3 : Darth Nox lick his wounds and search for a way to defeat Darth Wrath, acquiring a new artifact, a new power or discovering the Warrior's weaknesses.
- Step 4 : New fight of epic proportions, with all the cards in Nox's hands. Just to prove a point, Nox mop the floor with Wrath's face. The End.

EDIT : I briefly mentionned troops as a part of one's power, develop.
For the Sith Warrior :
- A robber and idealistic pirate (Vette) : good infiltrator. Not fit for rutheless battles.
- A rutheless hunter and commando (Talz) : elite commando, really dangerous in battle.
- A Rutheless and efficient troop leader (Pierce) : a good commander, but too reckless for his own good.
- A fallen padawan (Jaesa DS) : dangerous warrior and Force user.
- A competent and (too) loyal leader (Quinn) : an excellent commander, utterly loyal to the Empire.

For the Sith Inquisitor :
- A Force-eating monster (Khem Val) : strong bodyguard of a legendary sith lord. Eats Force-Sensitive beings and despise weakness.
- A rutheless pirate leader (Andronikos) : excellent pilot and not so good commander.
- An archeologist (Talos) : very good at digging long lost secrets.
- A fallen padawan (Ashara) : good fighter, strong minded, but not so bright padawan.
- A loyal assassin (Xalek) : really dangerous fighter, utterly loyal to his master.

When we compare crews, we can see that the Inquisitor's crew is more varied in term of skills, whereas the Warrior's crew is mainly made of fighter and troop commanders (Vette is the exception). The last bit is interesting : since Wrath isn't a leader himself, he has to depend on others to lead troops... while Nox has only a poor leader under his command, because he doesn't need it. In the end, the Inquisitor has a far better crew that can counter and do more different things.