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07.26.2017 , 11:20 AM | #375
I do not think you get it Nox never managed anything on his own even his victory against Thanathon who by the way is him just older and without ghosts was done with help you know the ghosts. His victory against his former master was done because of an ancient beast taking the hit in his place.

The Wrath on the other hand defeated his enemy who by the way according to Vrowonan was nearly invincible. Why because he absorbed tons of power from an sith entity. He fought that nearly invincible being until all that power was gone. That is impressive.

In 1 vs 1 against an being that can literally outlast you can Nox have any chance? The Wrath will fight with Nox until he exhausts the power of the ghosts the will kill him.

With help allowed yes Nox will beat Wrath but only help because Wrath has little to no help.