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07.26.2017 , 07:31 AM | #374
Wrath didn't exactly plan the attack, he just attacked, proving his superior might again.
In the end, he is a tool, a weapon... His story isn't about rise to power, it's about proving his strength to the hierarchy who, in turn, rise him to power. His title isn't that of a leader... sure, this gives him superior authority, but he is an extansion of the Emperor's will.

Nox, on the other end, don't obey. At first he is an apprentice and, as such, follow orders. But he quickly spiral out of the hierarchy, defy authority and builds his own path to greatness. It's the story of a slave, the lowest of the lowest, who becomes one of the most prominent leaders of the Empire.

Wrath is the strongest, but that's exactly why Nox would win in thie end : that's what he does, overcoming opposition, not matter the difficulty, through whatever is needed.