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That wasn't five against thousands, that was the Wrath and his or her crew at the head of the outnumbered Imperial troops on Taris attacking a Republic base. He won a battle while outnumbered roughly 8 to 1. Shouldn't that be a sign of how effective he was at planning? When did the Sith Inquisitor accomplish such a feat with planning?
Since when is assaulting an highly fortified base lead by the bets generals of the Republic that has more troops then you by by about 8 times is an good strategy.

The fact that it was successful is mind boggling. That was the plan and it worked. I will be fair here will such an tactic really work if he did not had deux ex help?

But for the above yeah the wrath really did more for the empire then actually all the other classes of the empire and far more then Darth Nox who I will be fair did the less actually he did more damage to the empire then the Republic. Not to say that the Wrath was an saint after all he massacred the entire power base of an Dark Council member on the other hand he did not lose an good chunk of his power base doing that just him and another sith lord and both survived. But besides that ****** event he mostly just crippled the Republic I mean crippled he killed their best generals jedi and not and that was before book 3.