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You forget what we usually see are two gold spammers spamming in pairs, so for two FTP accounts to alternate their messages between the timer, that's completely doable.
Edit: I stand corrected. I was going to log into a F2P account and show you the message that level 1 characters get if they try to use chat, but apparently the chat restrictions have changed since the last time I did that (a year, 18 month or so ago). F2P accounts can use chat at level 1. Perhaps this changed with 6.0 when they changed a number of the restrictions on F2P and preferred accounts. Frankly, I think it's a good thing that the chat restrictions were lifted. It unduly penalized F2P players, making it nearly impossible to group or learn about the game in the early levels, and disincentivized people who were here to try the game from paying to play. It was a ridiculous restriction.

That said, that doesn't mean that BW can't do something more than what they are doing to address the spammers. Sit down interns at terminals and let them nuke the spammers from orbit. But penalizing players who are not breaking the rules so you can target some bad actors is not the answer.
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