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That wouldn't fit with what has already been established by the lore, especially in the SWTOR Encyclopedia. That book explicitly states that the Cold War ended in 13 ATC, so that means that's during chapter 3 of the class stories, I believe. If so, then Ilum cannot happen in 12 ATC, but it happens in 13 ATC. And since Annihilation happens after Ilum (what with all the Karrid and Malgus references) it happens in 13 ATC as well.
Yeah, dunno, i just feel like puting both Ilum and Annihilation at the end of the same year is a bit too much, with everything tha happens during Annihilation.
And then our characters don't have that much to do during the follownig year, while it's supposed to be an all out war between the Empire and the Republic.

That being said, official sources also contradicts themselves sometimes. Annihilation is during 13 ATC / 3640 BBY according to Drew Karpyshyn and he also states Theron is 30, which is impossible as he'd have to be born in 3670 BBY.

But, according to Wookieepedia :
The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural indicates that the Battle of Alderaan occurs four years after the Battle of Bothawui. According to Timeline 5: The Battle of Bothawui the Battle of Bothawui occurs eighteen years before the Treaty of Coruscant, which, as seen in The Old Republic: Deceived, is proposed and ratified in 3653 BBY. Thusly, the Battle of Bothawui takes place in 3671 BBY, and the Battle of Alderaan occurs four years later, in 3667 BBY.
So for Theron to be 30 in 3640 BBY, he'd have to be born 3 years before the Battle of Alderaan, while Jace and Satele started their 6 month affair which led to him being born after that battle.
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