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06.22.2020 , 07:21 PM | #171
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Tbh, I have been wondering for ages what's been going on, on Telos IV. Especially since Star Wars galaxy maps seem to put the planet in what should be Sith Empire space, based on logical deduction of how the borders are described to look in the timeline videos. So, I'd love to see the planet pop-up ingame sometime, either in a codex entry or story mention
I know that there was a mention of an Onasi Station (Which according to the Wookieepedia article, is located near Telos), same with Telos, in one of the crew skill missions, but I don't remember off hand which missions mention them.

But, I agree, I'd love to see a return to Telos! And it would be a good excuse to add more KotOR armors to the game!