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That seemed useful initially, but it actually talks about how you still get default choices no matter what you do unless you use a really involved method, and at that point it's easier to just run the content. (And I'd be running KotFE and KotET normally anyway, since it's everything preceding that that wears me out to run over and over.) And it only covers events from KotFE and KotET, not prior to that, which doesn't help with the default choice faction lightside/darkside skip issue. So a solution here would still be necessary.
Well, as I said, you may find it interesting.

Yes, a choose-your-own-adventure allowing us to pick everything that happens rather than default factional based choices a la the catch-up mechanic used in Mass Effect would be fabulous, but in the absence of such a system one must choose to either live with the default choices, keep their character in a pre-Fallen Empire limbo and never do any newer content with them, or decide which of the default choices matter more and make the choice to play part of Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne.

Although I would love the option to make all of those choices for my character I highly doubt such a thing is going to come, and since I do not want to keep my character in a pre-FE state then I must choose to either live with the choices or choose which of those default choices are most important. In the end, there are really only five choices that have any impact on the story going forward.
  • The choices that affect Koth's loyalty and, by extension, whether you forgive Koth in ET Ch 3 or not
  • The choice regarding Senya in ET Ch 1
  • The choice to romance one of the three or to resume an OC romance (very little impact on that part, so far)
  • Which side you are forced to pick on Iokath
  • A certain controversial choice at the end of the Nathema Fp

Those are the only choices that impact the story, which means that everything else can be headcanoned. For example, it is notated in their respective C&C files which one you chose between Jorgan and Kaliyo, but that choice makes no difference on the story going forward, is never mentioned again, and since the sole reference to it is on their C&C files it can be ignored and headcanoned.

The one choice that would force one to play a large portion of FE and ET is in regards to Vette and Torian. If one wished to resume the romance they would have to play several chapters of FE, and if one wanted to make the choice in ET Ch 8 they would have to play that far. If you are not romancing Vette or Torian then that choice in ET Ch 8 is rather irrelevant as neither plays a significant role in the story going forward (at least so far). Vette is completely absent whilst Torian has some lines on Mek-Sha (if with you) and is supposed to appear at the end of SoV for a brief exposition drop that is delivered by someone else if Torian is off reuniting with daddy (supposed because I did not get that appearance with a character that chose Torian, so my choice did not even matter).

I have a light-sided Sith that I am about to embark on my own choose-your-own-adventure. That character is not planned to romance Lana, so will skip most of Fallen Empire. I will play Eternal Throne Chapters 1-3 (starting Ch 4) so that I can choose with regards to Senya and Koth. Having them all present will allow me to headcanon the choices that character made throughout FE/ET as none of them will matter anyhow. I want that character to choose the Republic on Iokath, so will start Iokath. That choice should be locked in once that mission is completed as there is no way to reset it afterwards. Since the character is not romancing Lana and the choice at the end of Nathema is to forgive then I will skip ahead to JUS. If it all works then that light-sided Sith will have Senya, Arcann, and Koth, Vowrawn will be Emperor, and none of the rest of it will matter because it will never get mentioned again and the sole reference will be on some C&C files that I can ignore in favour of my headcanon.

Headcanon is best canon.
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