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05.15.2022 , 07:59 AM | #1
In the Manaan Stronghold, its pretty much worthless to place, its partially hidden and you can't see through the windows well enough to enjoy it, its a sort of bathroom glass. Clear windows like the Dromnund Kaas Stronghold would be better, with so much of the Manaan stronghold being outside...

In the the Rishi Stronghold, there is a pretty good place to put it in the ocean.

And when you first place it there, its perfectly visible from the beach and it looks great.

But the next time you come to the strong hold, it fails to render - as if the rendering distance is too far!
If you pick it up and place it again, it will render again, until you leave and return and won't render the planets anymore.

The simple solution would be to bring the ship sized hook a little bit closer in!

Its really very far out.

Yes, you *can* put it on the beach, but then it completely takes over your beach - its much better off the coast...